Hill Runs, Heartburn

So this afternoon, I decided to run an 11 mile hill run from my home through to Chester and back, this is a route I’ve done with some frequency, and contains some substantial inclines as far as length is concerned (no flat land, some inclines last over a mile) as well as comparable declines, making for a rather challenging run in spite of it’s relatively short length. I’ve found myself leaning towards runs of this nature, especially in preparation for the upcoming Turkey Swamp 50k, and following AC Marathon. Knowing that both courses are going to be relatively flat, I think it will be advantageous to challenge myself consistently with hill runs, and try to run them at ~8mins/mile. This is all based on the idea that the body is more concerned with effort/exertion than mileage, which is kind of an arbitrary means of quantifying your run, although, like most runners I do manage a mileage log, complete with shoe details as exemplified at the bottom of my previous posting.

So why would I be talking about today’s run in particular? Well, today’s run had several high/low points. This particular route allows me to observe some really nice agrarian scenery, and takes me straight through a nature preserve, which helps to make me feel more connected with my surroundings, closer to running on a trail than it is to running through the suburbia I usually have to endure when I opt not to travel from my home to run. With today’s extremely foggy weather, and relatively moderate temperature (~72) it was the first run over 10 miles in the past 2 months where I’ve returned home with a substantial amount of water left in my 22oz bottle, the fog, seemed to keep me relatively cool, and consistently wet as evidenced by my soaking wet head of hair by the finish.

With runs of this nature, I’ve also been experimenting with fueling options/quantities, trying to deliberately under-nourish, in an attempt to encourage my body to learn to burn fat instead of/in addition to sugar, as well as regulate my salt output. over the ~90 minute run I ingested only a single ClifShot (excluding the 1 i usually eat before the run) and this was working extremely well for me, without any substantial change in energy levels, UNTIL I reached mile 10, at which point the intermittent heartburn I often experience on runs (usually a result of spicy/acidic food within a few hours of running) became uncomfortable enough for me to slacken to a fartlek(thus ending my ~8minute miles on the hills that I was enjoying so much). I don’t think it was the ClifShot, but rather the copious amounts of coffee I’d been drinking earlier in the day, but was uncomfortable enough for me to be more mindful of what/when I eat in relation to my runs.

In other news, tomorrow is the Western States Endurance Run, and if anyone has been following the internet buzz, especially circling Geoff Roes, it looks like it will be very competitive, and exciting for the ultra-running crowd. Also, my New Balance MR10’s are approaching 300 miles, and feeling better with every step, full review in the near future, as well as initial thoughts concerning my new MT101’s which I hope to give an honest first run this week as soon as a couple of things are fixed on my car, allowing my to drive comfortably to worthy trails. Oh, several other lifestyle “experiments” are in the making, updates regarding such will be coming shortly (once I solidify guidelines for such things!)


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