AT Section Hike Pt. 1

I’m going to try to do this chronologically, since that would, of course, make sense, but since I’ve been so backlogged on writing about what I’ve been doing (just doing, not writing) it’s inevitable that I forget some of the details, but regardless, here’s my recap on my recent backpacking adventure through the North end of the White Mountains, into the Mahoosuc range.

I began by hitting the trail at roughly 11am after parking my car at Pinkham Notch, and immediately began hiking up Wildcat Mountain (carrying a ~35lb pack). Wildcat is directly across from the (in)famous Mt. Washington, which you can see here:
Over the course of the day, I crossed ten 4000+ ft peaks, and hiked roughly 13.1 miles, finally settling in at the Imp Shelter/Campsite around 7pm. This was my first time sleeping inside an actual AT shelter, which is am experience unto itself… imagine a log-cabin, with no actual door, just an opening, now fill the floor with sleeping bags/pads packed in like sardines… compound this with knowing no one in the shelter, and everyone smelling ripely of hiker (which is a scent to be described in full detail later). Needless to say, a good first day.


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