AT Section Hike Pt. 2.5


Okay, we’re talking about a gaggle of underage girls, which is why I’m not going to repeat that 3 times and risk an amber alert… But, I digress.. while the 3 of us moped into camp, within about 35 seconds we found our spirits lifted tremendously. So immediately Kites Cakes, and myself set up our camp on the only available platform:and then decided to be social, and show these kiddos a good time. So, we took our dinner plans down towards the shelter and hung out with the kids for the evening, answering their torrents of questions, dodging requests to become “facebook” friends, and playing the guess my name game… before I knew it, I’d acquired a trail-name… Moses, so in less than 30 hours I’d been named by a gaggle of 14 year old girls. you can see Kites and Cakes take on it here: Kites and Cakes.

While they were a little bit rambunctious, it was very nice to see kids out backpacking, enjoying themselves, there voluntarily, and overall taking in nature, developing self-worth, and everything great that comes out of this hobby. Little did we know however, that we’d be seeing them again on this trip!


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