Summary Jan 13-26

Monday Jan 13, OFF
Last day taking it easy after some really awkward/inexplicable left oblique pain leftover after Freezing Cold Hash… most likely getting tackled by Gene/Dave/Jeff/JB/random strangers/falling off of a fence/generally being blatantly irresponsible caused some sort of strain/pull that had been nagging at me for a week, took a 45min Spin class instead, and felt good.

Tuesday Jan 14, 4.2 Miles 1050′ 43m20s
First trek up and down Allamuchy in 2014, being back on proper trail is extremely invigorating, and I’m increasingly realizing the necessity of creating trail-time as a priority in contrast to the lazy out-the-door road running exploits that have dominated my running generally since mid-autumn.

Wed Jan 15, 7 Miles, 420′ 52m06s
Feeling kind of laborious, but not particularly sluggish, inconsistency as of late is catching up to me

Thurs Jan 16, 12 Miles, 1800′ 2h09m
Dunnfield Creek>Raccoon Ridge>Dunn-Creek via AT. Long-ish training run with Dave, basically trying to get the sustained climb under my legs (~4 miles of pretty relentless uphill from TH>Sunfish Pond). Would have been appreciably quicker had the footing been better, but a recent CM or so of slushy snow made it near impossible to gain purchase on the rocks.

Fri Jan 17, 1 Mile, 7m36s

Sat Jan 18, 10.25 Miles, 475′ 1h33m
Out and back on Patriots Path with Roadie, leaving from Speedwell Ave TH>Lewis Morris Park. Great day for an easy pace, especially in the incredibly picturesque snow (but forgot the damn camera).

Sun Jan 19, 20.1 Miles, 771′ 2h36m
Started from Jeff”s house with Jeff/Dave and ran through the local roads, including typical HH routes/loops. Somehow I’ve managed to maintain some reasonable long-legs, while nothing felt particularly good, nothing felt particularly bad either.

Totals: 54.4 Miles, 4514′ 8-hours

Monday Jan 20, 6 Miles, 295′ 41m0s
Tired/stressed, short on time.

Tues Jan 21, 10 Miles, 584′ 1h18m
The forecast called for relentless snowfall all day, which resulted in one of my best icicle-beards to date, also inadvertently found a pretty ideal 10-mile loop straight from the house.

Wed Jan 22, 7 Miles, 420′ 54m13s
No pop left in the legs, and bitterly cold (single digits)
PM 3 Miles 24m
H20 Treadmill…. The gym I work at happens to have three HydroWorx underwater treadmills, which while I wasn’t too impressed with at first, have recently found to be ideal for general shake-out type work. The water adds a noticeable amount of drag to your leg travel, and supposedly reduces your bodyweight to 20% which limits the impact on your joints/bones. Normally I’m pretty anti-technology, but anything that will let me add a few more miles without getting hurt is worth trying in my book…

Thurs Jan 23, 8.6 Miles, 755′ 1h18m
Columbia Trail>Schooley’s Mountain and back. Breaking trail pretty much the whole way, plus the added weight of MICROspikes.
PM 5 Miles 43m37s
HH Broken Shin Loop with Dave and Jeff, effortless throughout the whole run.

Fri Jan 24, 2 Miles 14m40s
Shakeout, tight schedule, tight legs, big head.

Sat Jan 25, 11 Miles, 833′ 1h25m
Left the house to run to Chester and back before meeting some friends for brunch. My legs are generally adapting pretty well to the increased abuse, and are surprisingly staying niggle-free.

Sun Jan 26, 1 Mile, 7m58s
Shakeout/big head

Totals: 53.7 Miles, 3323′ 7h7m

I’ve managed to string together two consecutive (well, at time of writing, nearly 3) reasonable weeks. While I’m nowhere near maximal volume, I dare say that this is probably the best “January” shape that I can recall being in, and with that, I’m increasingly optimistic about how my body will continue to respond to increases in mileage/intensity in the upcoming weeks/months. In other news, I’ve officially registered for the Vermont 100 which is definitely dominating my thoughts as far as racing in the future are concerned. Commitments to other (shorter) races will be announced int he forthcoming future.


The mandex photo’s are coming back


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