Summary Nov 9-14

Monday Nov 9, 4 Miles, 492′ 34m16s

Lazily paced run throughout my apartment complex. I’ve been trying to gain more vert through more dynamic routes within the complex, especially for <5 mile runs.

Tues Nov 10, 6.9 Miles, 659′ 53m33s

Early start to avoid the worst of the bad weather forecast. Felt good all morning, and finished the run feeling like I could have kept this pace up all day. This also marks my first continuous climb from the highway to the top of the apartment complex…

Wed Nov 11, 5.4 Miles, 1030′ 48m48s

1.8 mile warmup followed by 5x main complex hill repeat (~.2 miles 142′) at maximum effort. Cooled down with a couple miles of jogging. Intervals felt unusually crappy, and only got worse from the get-go. On the upside, I managed to top my previous incline PR according to Strava, but would have preferred a bit more pep in the legs.

Thurs Nov 12, 13.1 Miles, 1247′ 1h48m

Modified Broken Shin with Mark including an ascent up Hillcrest. Legs felt generally fine, but my quads were unhappy with the prolonged climbing — burning a lot more than I would have anticipated. Also dealt with some gnarly heartburn, which was easily fixed through some Tums, but none-the-less annoying. Decided to wind down the final mile of the normal 5 mile section to the 6:50 range.

Fri Nov 13, 1.5 Miles, 167′ 12m52s

Easy midday jog, Trying to take my easy days particularly easy leading into taper.

Sat Nov 14, 13.3 Miles, 623′, 1h33m

Ungodly early start with Jay, Jeff, and Kevin. Overall a little tired with a relatively unsettled stomach, but my legs felt consistent and competent throughout the day. AVG pace of 6:58 with HR steady at 141BPM leaves me feeling confident for Philly, which I anticipate to have similar weather conditions.

Sun Nov 15, 1.5 Miles 151′ 12m4s

Easy Shakeout, let the tapering begin

Totals: 46 Miles, 4370′ 6h2m

Confidence boosting final training week before my 7 day taper going into Philly. At this point, I just want to get through the taper and back to my normal routine of big mileage in inspiring places. I’m finally feeling confident enough in my legs to submit them to more serious ultra-training kind of abuse, something I’ve been gun-shy about for over a year, and as much as I’m looking forward to the marathon itself, I’m more excited to jump into my next block.


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